Wednesday, February 22, 2017


"My poor third child."
This has come up in several of my conversations lately.  Other moms have shared with me that they also feel that those last children often get the short end of the stick.  I confess that in our school time, my attention is wrapped up in juggling Alison and Eli's work and then I end the day thinking, "Oh, yea. Colin."  Granted, he's just in preschool, so it's not a huge deal. BUT, then a day came when I got so mad at Alison for missing several capitalizations in her writing, that I knew things had to change.  Should she know how to properly capitalize?  Yes.
Should I have wasted time yelling at her about missing them?  No.
Seriously, y'all.  I made a rule that she would have to do 10 jumping jacks for every missed capitalization!  
I realized then that perhaps I put too much expectations on my first child and not enough on my third.

Colin, however, is a puzzle piece I have not figured out how to teach.  Alison was reading at his age and I'm not sure he even knows all of his letters.  Most of the time if you ask him what a letter is, he responds with "poop".  Not joking.  We're on lesson 10 of "Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons" and it's like wrangling monkeys to get through a lesson.

I do remember with Eli that he struggled with paying attention and I would have to remind him repeatedly that the words were on the page and not on the wall.  He just wasn't as bouncy as Colin.  Also, both of my boys cannot rhyme.  Like not in the slightest bit.

For how never-stop-moving Colin is, he chooses to be in the school room with us the entire time the other two are working.  He works on puzzles or colors or plays with the dog.  Thankfully, he really is not disruptive or distracting, unless he starts giggling really loudly from Maya licking him.  What we did without a dog, I will never know.

Real life school=Colin climbing in the closet to get a puzzle and tweenage drama going on over...shoot, I don't even remember what she was moping about.

I really am interested to research this topic more though; third (or subsequent) kids in homeschool families.  They are hearing more advance things that the first two heard during those early years.  For example, Colin is hearing 1st and 4th grade math facts, grammar, spelling, history, science and Latin in preschool.  I believe that in some way, this is uniquely equipping him in a way I couldn't teach.  I just wish I had concrete evidence...if you find any, pass it my way!

I want to be more purposeful in doing preschool things with Colin.  I actually think relieving expectations off the first two could benefit them as well.  In order to do this, I need accountability.  #thirdkidthursdays
Thursday is the day that I am committed to doing one preschool thing with Colin and maybe someday I'll crack the code to this little whipper snapper!