Monday, August 8, 2016

Friendly competition?

How do your kids handle competition between siblings?  Do they thrive under the pressure of beating a sibling or does it make them discouraged?

I'm about to find out how my kiddos handle it.

The same day I gave Alison her math assessment, I gave it to Eli as well, curious to see where he was.  I knew that a large portion of it were concepts he hasn't formally learned yet, but I also know the power of listening to siblings learn.

I was shocked at the results; he was two questions short of passing 2nd grade and basically got the same score Alison did.

Yikes.  I wanted to party and jump up and down and make a HUGE deal of how awesome this was, but then again, I didn't want to make Alison feel like an even bigger failure.

All of the things we've been doing for Alison's math boot camp, Eli wants to participate in and CAN participate in, but I'm in this weird limbo of not wanting to hold him back, yet wanting Alison to jump ahead to gain confidence.

I even tried downloading a 1st grade math app just for him, but he claims it's too easy.

The difference between teaching boys and girls never ceases to amaze me.  When Alison was a toddler, I could say, "This is an 'A'.  What letter is this?" and she would say, "A".  Same thing to the boys, "This is an 'A'.  What letter is this?" and they would say, "Banana" or "7" or "Blue".  And I would eventually stop trying to push this style of learning and a few months later, they would just know that it's an A and move on.  Math is the opposite.  Configuring numbers just makes sense to them, while it sends Alison to tears.

This is how excited Eli was to start preschool years ago:

It still cracks me up.  Thankfully now he knows how fun learning can be :)

Any tips on sibling competition???

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