Sunday, April 3, 2016

We made it and life so far

We made it to Arizona!

The rest of the trip was not what we expected.  Halfway to Colorado, we got a call from the movers saying they needed to unload our stuff in 2 days or we were going to have to wait another week or maybe longer.  We had originally planned to have a fun day in Colorado and another fun stop in Sedona, Arizona, but cancelled all plans and booked it to our destination.  It made for some long days, but we didn't want to be living in hotels for another week or more.

New Mexico
 In New Mexico, we had a flat tire and Eli fell out of the hotel room bed and gashed his cheek on the end table.  The drive that day was rough and the only thing that got us through was knowing we would be "home" that night.

The scenery of the drive was absolutely beautiful and I am so thankful for the experience of seeing so many different states.  The night we pulled into town, we went out to a nice dinner to celebrate making it.  At dinner, Ben said, "If we ever have to move across the country again, let's not take 2 cars."  Yes, that was the hardest.  Some times it was hard to really soak up the scenery when I was so concentrated on following his car and then there was the fact that we couldn't really talk to eachother all day long.  There were a lot of times we'd lose cell service or it was just plain hard to talk and drive and tend to the kids.
first picture at our new house
 The movers were at the house bright and early the next morning.  We've learned pretty quickly that things here in Arizona move much slower than we're used to.  Same was true for our movers.  They were not in a rush and by 4 pm, they hadn't opened a single box.  When Ben reminded them that we wanted them to unpack us (we had told the company that months ago), the boss said, "Oh no, you do that and we'll come back to get the boxes in a few days."  By that point, we were ready for them to be out of our house, so we didn't argue and decided to just be thankful that they would pick up the boxes.

The kids thought unpacking was like Christmas.
Christmas with giant boxes to build with.

It didn't feel like Christmas to me.  It was overwhelming to find things and then find a home for them and break down boxes.  I guess the same would have been true if they had unpacked everything and just left it all over the house.  Next time, I'll insist they unpack the kitchen...that was the worst and we could at least find a bowl to eat cereal and drink coffee while we worked.

The good news of the move: they didn't lose a single thing and only 1 thing broke, and it was a cheap, meaningless thing.  

The other good news: Ben had off 10 days after we got here to help us settle in.  I don't think I would have made it without his help!  We worked hard on the house and have 98% of our projects done.  This move was a changing spot for Ben and I.  We have affectionately called it "the great purge" and have committed to living simpler, cleaner lives.  Which you will find ironic by the end of this post.  BUT we spent a lot of time purging stuff...any item we took out of a box that made us think "Where am I going to put this?" or "Why did I move this???", it went directly to the trash or donate pile.  By the time Ben went to work, there wasn't a single box in the house.  There are cabinets and dressers and shelves that are completely empty in the house and guess what?  we can actually park both cars in the garage!

Our sanity saver was the evening.  We'd go outside and just step away from projects and have some fun.

exploring the Colorado river

The very last box opened was our china.  In our last move, we left a ton of stuff in boxes in the garage and our china was one I just never bothered finding space for in the house.  No more china in my garage and it has a nice home in our kitchen.  The kids had a tea party that day with the newly resurfaced "baby china" and I regretted keeping it in a box for so long.
P.s. the boys cannot keep clothes on here!

Now for the ironic part.  When we talked about moving to Arizona as a family, we would talk about a pool, bunk beds and a dog.  Ben and I decided to not get a pool because of liability and the age of our kids; we felt it would be more stressful trying to keep children who are not confident swimmers out of the pool and keep it maintained, than it would be enjoyable.  We did get the boys bunk beds about a week after getting here and that left a puppy.
We have been keeping our eyes out for the right dog for months.  We'd just casually look in the evenings, knowing that the perfect dog never comes at the perfect time, so we were just open to the opportunity when it came along.  About a week ago, Ben found the perfect pup for our family online.  When we inquired about her, the foster mom told us that there were a lot of people interested in her, but she also felt we were a great fit for her, so she "saved" her for us until we could get to Phoenix to meet her.  The kids and I drove up a few days later...poor Ben actually had to go to work.

It was love at first sight.

We named her Maya and she has been a really fun addition to our family.  I am still committed to a simpler, cleaner life, it just entails trying to keep dog stink out of my house now.

Oh, and that whole school thing we do?  We did start back up this week, even amidst getting a puppy.  And I am SOOO thankful I put all the work in I did before we moved.  It made a huge difference this week and was so nice to have everything done.  They continued to work on their notebooks and did computer work and we will ease back into "normal" school...minus a trip next week.  Stay tuned; we're going to the Grand Canyon!!!