Monday, March 7, 2016

The move is here

I had grand plans to take all these Pinteresty pictures of our packing and trip.  That was a fail and so was my packing.  My closet became our packing place, that we taped off from the packers...this is what it looked like:

I pretty much had a bag for everything: toiletries and swimsuits and food and school books and then a suitcase for each state we were staying in.  I thought it would be great to just have one bag for all 5 of us to take into the hotel each night...that idea definitely did not work.  All was fine and good, until the packers actually got there and we started throwing in random things to the closet that we might need in the next couple of days.  That equaled a ton of loose things that equaled it almost impossible to pack the car.  We ended up buying 2 rubbermaid containers for all the random things which helped a ton, but the packing was still a mess.  Everyday someone didn't have something they needed and somehow I misplaced all of my underwear!

I was very impressed with the packers.  They were early and had our entire house packed in 3.5 hours...the same amount of time it took for the carpets to be cleaned.  We had our kitchen island full of "essentials" for the packers: apples, granola bars, water, donuts, coffee with cups and creamer, paper towels and plastic utensils.  They didn't even glance at our nice gesture and zoomed into the house and started packing right away.

Random things they packed that shouldn't have been packed:
  • Everything on that island!
  • Including maple syrup and clorox wipes and trash bags and snacks for the kids.
  • A hand towel ring...that was attached to the wall!
  • Half of a shower head

Random things they didn't pack:
  • a bathroom rug
  • 2 teacups, 1 wine glass and half a margarita shaker
  • a bunch of twist ties 
  • a kitchen towel
Nothing major though and nothing we couldn't solve.  Overall, I was happy with the movers.  Oh, I did learn: don't try to make small talk over lunch with the packers.  I made the mistake of asking one of the guys what was the most random things he's found while moving someone.  DON'T ASK THAT QUESTION!  I can't even type his answer.

The kids have been absolutely amazing.  They have been excited to move and done great sleeping in different hotels and riding in the car  I'm so impressed with them.

So, currently we are nomads, staying with my parents halfway through our trip.  It's nice to have some time to do laundry and regroup.  I'm completely repacking our suitcases.  Each person is going to have a bag and we can just carry in a million suitcases each night.  At least this way, everyone will have clean underwear when they need it.

This break has been so refreshing for me and I'm starting to feel a little anxious about the next leg of our trip.  This part seems more daunting; driving to a place I've never been and making a home.  Crashing at my parents house seems way easier...

As for school, my brain can't even remember what day it is at the moment.  We've only completed a couple pages in our geography books, but we did spend a morning at the Science Center in St. Louis.

My intentions are to have them work on their geography books on our next couple of long days of driving...we'll see if that actually happens.