Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Raised Eyebrows

6 weeks from today my house will be full of packers and they say now is the time to get things rolling on moving preparations.  Rolling moving preparations is more like rolling up a big ball of overwhelmed.

I thought it would be wise to get things squared away for school.  First, I contacted Virginia's homeschool organization to make sure I didn't miss anything on moving mid-year.  They were super helpful and told me I only needed to send a courtesy letter to the superintendent to notify them Alison would no longer be in the school district.  Awesome, check.  Then I researched Arizona's homeschool laws.  Boy was I surprised at the difference in state requirements!  The law states that I need to send in an affidavit to homeschool with Alison's original birth certificate.  That's it.  BUT I don't feel at all comfortable mailing my daughter's birth certificate across the country, to be mailed back to a house that we might already be moved out of (who knows how long it will take them to send it back).  Also weird, the law states that I am required to teach reading, grammar, math, social studies and science, but am not required to document anything I teach or show any test results or even prove that I am capable of teaching at all.  At first, I was annoyed that they "required" social studies, but that's because my personality type is 'rule-follower' and I want to do what I'm supposed to do, but really, they will have no idea if I'm not really teaching it.

So here's a break down of homeschool laws if you ever are moving to these states:

  • Send letter of intent to superintendent, with copy of diploma and list of subjects being taught.
  • Must be approved to homeschool from superintendent.
  • Test in language and math and send superintendent test results before August 1st...must get over 25% to continue homeschooling.

  • Send affidavit to homeschool to superintendent with original birth certificate of student.
  • Must teach reading, grammar, math, social studies and science.

Enjoying maybe our last snow for a few years

We also worked on getting things set for our new house.  We emailed an official application and then received a phone call from the real estate office; they called to inquire about the previous house we rented in Virginia because the rental company had no records of the house.  That's reassuring.  The house we lived in for 4 years and paid rent for...but no records.  Cool.  A couple of days later, they called to tell us that we've been approved.  We were excited and waited for them to email us a lease to sign and send back.  Yesterday they called again...same person...

Lady: "I'm calling to tell you you've been approved"
Ben: "Yes, I know.  You called on Friday."
Lady: "Oh, really?  Well, we just need you to mail us a certified check for your deposit and you're all set."
Ben: "Um, I haven't signed the lease yet."
Lady: "Oh, you just send us the money and then sign the lease when you get here."
Ben: "Yea, I'm going to need to talk your boss because there is no way I'm sending money without signing a lease."

Ben then had a firm discussion with the manager, who thought we were crazy for refusing to send a substantial certified check to a company we have no contract with.

Lots of raised eyebrows lately and I'm sure there are many, many more crazy things to come.

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  1. No way would I have done that either. That's pure insanity.