Friday, January 8, 2016

Decisions, Decisions

To pool or not to pool, that has been our question since we found out we are moving to Arizona.  We were set on getting one and told the kids that it was a high priority as we looked for a house to rent.  Honestly, I think I wanted to give them something to be excited about and look forward to.  And, living in Arizona to me, feels like a year round party and I pictured us by the pool everyday, with friends and grilling dinner.  I even bought a "grill by the pool" dress...sounds weird, but if you saw it you'd understand.  But then reality started to sink in.  Ben casually mentioned something one night about being able to send the kids out to play (all yards have big cement walls around them) and it hit me...the stress of constantly watching the kids, the liability, the maintenance, the cost, the perpetual wet swimsuits and suntan lotion and beach towels and floaty toys and goggle fixing and "MOMMA WATCH!".  It took us about 30 seconds after that light bulb to say, "Or not."  Plus, getting a pool meant maxing out our housing allowance and downsizing a great deal.  I dreaded telling the kids and hated letting them down.  Alison was upset because she was set on having a pool party for her birthday and had a clear picture in her head what that looked like.  We tried to tell her that people say it's so hot in Arizona in July and August that no one goes outside, not even to the pool.  We know it's going to be culture shock for us and tried to give her some ideas for other birthday parties.  I vote for going to California that weekend!  Who's with me?

I'm thankful to say that we have a verbal agreement with the owner of a house in Yuma.  Our last 2 houses have been "diamonds in the rough" and I feel like this house is following suite.  I dismissed this house when I first saw it because it's just not my style, but Ben could see the true potential in it.  It gives us the most bang for our buck and is right next to a park, in a great (or so the pictures seem) neighborhood and a big public pool is only a few miles away.

Pictures are not great, but you get the idea.  Never in my life did I think I would be living in a "Pueblo style" house with cactus and palm trees in the front yard.  Oh, and need a good laugh?  Just 2 miles west of our house is Mexico and California.  It feels equally reassuring and scary to have a place nailed down.  I'm sure there will be weird things we find that pictures just didn't show and maybe the dishwasher will be even louder than our current one, but it's also nice to know that we have a place to sleep when we get there.

Now to plan that cross country trip...


  1. I'm in for California!! And totally agree with you both about no pool. It sounds so good in theory but I can only imagine that the reality is full of endless tedious work and perpetual watchfulness with the kids.

    1. That would be awesome if you came with us!