Friday, January 15, 2016


Monday morning, we were having a little mid-morning snack...munching on some veggies and hummus, sippin' some smoothies and working on school...when I started getting texts from the real estate office we rent through.  I'm not sure how I feel about receiving texts; it seems a little unprofessional, yet sometimes is more convenient than a lengthy, awkward phone call.

Colin watching his letter of the week video, Alison doing grammar

I was bombarded that day with "We're coming by this afternoon to put a sign in the yard and lockbox on the door" and "there's a showing in the morning and possibly one the next day and another one on the Thursday" and "you can be there if you want, just don't follow us around".

I was not ready to see a sign in my yard.  I was not ready to have the house clean at all times and by the way, I DO NOT LIKE PEOPLE WALKING THROUGH MY HOUSE.  I know, I know; we are just renters, but I love this house and it feels like mine.  

My mind was instantly occupied that morning.  
"Should I drop everything and clean?"
"How clean is good enough?"
"I have 2 destructive little boys, how in the world am I going to keep the house picked up?!"

We finished school and as we headed out the door to go grocery shopping, I stopped and apologized for being so distracted during school.  I asked the kids if they learned anything and I'm pretty sure they just said yes to make me feel better, but I realized right then how challenging teaching is going to be over the next few months.  I had in my head that we had 5 more weeks of "normal" but now our normal is filled with getting out of the house at random times and me trying to manage the internal stress it causes me when strangers are shuffling through my house.
Alison reading to Colin while I pick up
 Hopefully someone from this week picks our house to rent so the house showings can end!

If you are wondering about Alison...her anxiety has gotten better, but she still has her ups and downs...welcome to life with a girl.  She was very sad after having a sleepover with some friends.

She asked to have one (we are not sleepover people, so it was a big deal) before we moved and I'm pretty sure she had the time of her life, but when they left, it hit her that she won't be able to have that again.  We tried to just assure her that it was okay to be sad about leaving friends and promised her that we will make new friends.  On the positive side, I saw her get excited about moving for the first time this week.  She started talking about making a girls club with her new friends and finding a place to take a tap class.  It was good to see a smile on her face when we talked about Arizona.

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  1. Ugh keeping the house show ready is a real drag :( Here's hoping it gets rented quickly.