Sunday, January 24, 2016


Snow in Virginia equals everything shuts down; schools were closed, gymnastic shows were cancelled and church was even called off.  Ben was sent home from base Friday morning and got home just in time to do the dreaded grammar lesson with Alison; who, by the way, was not happy that homeschool continued in the snow.

We had home church this morning (a blessed perk to being married to a pastor/chaplain) and it gave me some extra quiet time to read and pray.  Church is a #1 priority in our house, but I did appreciate a morning of not wrestling kids into nice clothes.  I watched the snow fall and attempted to catch up on my already behind 'read through the Bible in a year' plan and spent some time journaling...journaling is apparently not a word...writing in my journal?  Anyway, I realized this morning a weird quirk of mine.  I heard horror story after horror story this week of wretched movers and lost boxes and damaged furniture, but oddly, that doesn't bother me.  I'm 100% positive that something will get lost and something will get broken and something really bad and stressful will happen.  Perhaps it doesn't bother me because 99% of our belongings are hand-me-downs and we should probably grow up and buy our own stuff.  But what does get me?  Traveling.  Specifically not having my kitchen for 2+ weeks completely stresses me out.  Weird.  We eat out maybe once a month and 3 meals a day are made from scratch in our kitchen.  We love it that way and I feel at ease when I'm cooking for my family.  And it's a control thing because I know what we're eating, when we're eating and what's IN our food.  I want to be excited about a break in cooking and cleaning and look forward to munching on hot tamales in the car...but I'm not there yet.

After Ben did a lesson and lead some songs for our church, we went out to play in the snow.  Colin learned how to make his first snow angel.

I'm also weirdly not that much of a winter person.  I love snow for a day, but then I'm over it.  I don't like being cooped up in my house and these cold days are making me antsy to get to Arizona.
Amen to this:

In Arizona we salt margaritas not sidewalks!:

We had salted margaritas tonight as we look forward to seeing this in person soon.


  1. Re the no kitchen--we will be happy to make you good, healthy food when you're here. Or you can cook, your choice!