Sunday, January 10, 2016

A great boredom

Our first week back to school after winter break was great.  Tiring, but great.  Monday we got to watch snow fall while we worked, which I found completely blissful.
You can't see the flurries, but they're there!
I thought over our break I would prep and plan a bunch of stuff for the next 6 weeks of school and I didn't get a single thing checked off that 'to-do' list.  Oh well, school went on and thankfully still went smoothly.  I am a planner and love planning, but have come to accept that schooling young kids comes with lots of things you just can't plan for.  My best of intentions can go to the way-side in a matter of moments.

Perfect example of this came Friday.  School should have taken an hour and a half and I planned a long run for that morning, in hopes of enjoying my favorite trail as many times as I can before we move.  Alison takes a spelling and history test every Friday (which usually takes less time than the actual lessons) and all was going well until she was bitten by a big fat LAZY bug.  Even with some gracious assistance on her history test she completely didn't answer 2 questions and got 4 wrong...the whole test is only 20 questions!  I called her out on her laziness and gave her my "I'm your momma and know you better than anyone and I know you can do better than this, so you need to work harder" talk.  Did you know that teaching 8 year old girls is hard?  Tears started flowing down her cheeks and she was greatly offended that I questioned her work ethic.  I refused to give into the emotion and told her that my job as her teacher is to make sure she does her best work and this was not it.  Tears turned into sobs.  I handed her the last assignment of the day, which was writing a 3 point paragraph with the topic "My favorite things to do with my family".  She handed in her paper and the first sentence said, "if I had to spend time with my family, I guess I would play Uno."  If I had to???  When did attitude come into her writing?!  What just happened?!  In that moment at my desk I thought, "She could be at school right now and I could be frivolously doing whatever I wanted.  I wonder what grade her public school teacher would give her on this paper..."  I wonder if other homeschool moms ever think this.  Yes, truthfully, there are times that I envision what my day would look like if my kids were in school.  Alison would love flying under the radar in public school and she hates that I see everything and push her to better in all things.

Ben found this article today and I LOVED it.  The author talks about the real reason parents don't homeschool and my favorite quote is this:

"The real choice for most parents is do they choose to have their kids bored at school or do they choose to be bored themselves at home? And the real question is, which problem is more easily remedied?"

I especially loved it in light of New Year's.  Everywhere you look, people are talking about this being the year of themselves and their goals and the great things they're going to accomplish.  It's easy for me to get sucked in and wonder what great things I want to do this year.  The hard core truth is, I am doing great things.  It may seem boring and insignificant and not at all glamorous, but it is a great thing we are giving our kids, that I am confident of...tears and sobs in all.

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