Thursday, December 3, 2015

The unexpected

I never expected that one of my challenges in homeschooling would be keeping a child out of pj's.  This kid.
He is constantly changing pj's and if I make him wear normal clothes he spends the whole time asking when he can get back into pj's.  It's crazy.  So crazy that he's even been wearing his little brother's!

How about we learn about math and not how to change pj's?!

Another unexpected:
I gave the kids fair warning that I wanted to start school earlier this week; we were going to get up, eat breakfast, read our bible story, do morning chores and try to start school by 8:00.  Just saying this freaked Alison out.  "8:00!  But the bus doesn't even come until 8:15"...yes, she's still stuck on public school time.  Monday morning, I told her to start her morning chores (get dressed, make bed and brush teeth) at 7:50 and at 8:00 found her lounging on her bed, naked, looking at the weather app.  I gave her a warning and went to the schoolroom to begin work with Eli.  8:10 rolls around and she's still lollygagging in the bathroom, admiring her outfit and making goofy faces in the mirror.  At the second warning, she scurries to the school room all frenzied.  BUT she still hasn't brushed her teeth or made her bed and begins to cry because she just didn't have enough time.  Apparently a princess needs at least 15 minutes to pick a proper outfit.  I told her that I can respect she needs a few more minutes to get ready, but she still disobeyed by not finishing her chores and there are consequences for not obeying right away.


Do you know what's hard?
Finding consequences for an 8 year old that aren't more of a consequence for me.

So, before she could have any electronics for the day, she had to clean up Colin's room.  Thanks to two rounds of guests that equaled all the toys in his room and extra beds on the floor, she got to clean up this beauty:

She just stood in the middle of the mess and started crying.  Ha!  I kinda wanted to cry too.

*Before you go thinking I'm a super mean mom, I'm not expecting them to start school at exactly 8:00 sharp, it's more a goal and guideline for our day.  I do, however, expect them to obey right away and to be respectful.

**Anyone have good consequences for an 8 year old?

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  1. This wouldn't be a good consequence for Eli, but since Alison wants to choose her outfit and ran out of time to do it, maybe she either wears her PJs or gets to wear something you choose? That way the consequence fits the transgression -- ie if she manages her time well, she'll have the time to choose the proper princess outfit. Otherwise, she doesn't.