Friday, December 18, 2015

Orders in!

It's officially official.
Orders are in and we are moving to Yuma, Arizona in early March.

We've had the heads up that this is coming and there are things I can get excited about, like 365 days a year of warm, sunshiny days, but there are things that are overwhelming.  Like the fact that I've never even been to Arizona.  We've moved to different states before, but this is the first time we haven't gone to interview/meet people/look at housing before moving there.  Our previous 2 moves, we were instantly connected to a church and friends and had housing all lined up.  This time, we are literally going to drive across the country, pull into Yuma and not know a single person or know where our house is or where the grocery store is.  It is going to be weird!

Also a little overwhelming is that cross country drive.  I can't even blame it on the kids...just the thought of driving all that way seems daunting.  We've started talking through some things, but right now our plan is to relax and enjoy the holidays and then jump into moving mode in January (packers come end of February).  I think this might be the comical part of this year; trying to figure out logistics of moving.  For instance, they say that packers come and you just leave your house as it is and they pack up everything, even your trash! Um, I am not okay with that and am immediately thinking of all the purging and organizing that I need to do before these strange people come touch all of my stuff.  I even tried to convince Ben tonight to let me pack up the house (so I can have it my way) and rent an RV for a luxury trip...he was not convinced.

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