Thursday, November 5, 2015

You may be wondering...

"Is she still over.whelmed?"

I'm thankful to say that I am feeling much better.  We've eased into a routine and I feel like reintegration is finally settled.  I also am kinda thankful for my overwhelmed day because those freaked out plans have really helped the days run smoother.  Stress does have a purpose, it's just a matter of not letting it rule you or stick around for longer than it needs to be.

It also helps that I cleared my plate a little more.  I decided not to run the half marathon with Hubs in a few weeks and we stopped going to homeschool gym class.  I didn't want to let either of these go, but it's definitely helped me feel less stressed.

"What's the latest craziness going on?"

We had the privilege of having several people in our home this past week.  I am so proud of us for staying on schedule with school among the chaos and it gave us a chance to talk to the kids about showing hospitality.  Some friends from Chaplain school were here for a day, en route to Italy for their next assignment.  I was mentally taking notes of their adventures in case we ever have to move overseas, but I know it's not for the faint of heart.  We fed them and the kids all played and they were able to shower and wash some clothes before getting on a 12 hour flight.  Best of all, we got a day with some great friends.  One thing I love about the military is you make good friends quickly.  We also had my father-in-law here for the weekend.  The kids had a great time with their Poppy and after he left, I realized that our kids already have a wonderful gift of hospitality.  Showing love to a grandparent may sound easy, but our kids only see them once, maybe twice a year.  In a child's life, it's like meeting them all over again and they always welcome them with immense, unending love.

Tangent?  How did I get to my kids' gifts from the craziness of life?  Because this week, among everything going on; soccer games and dentist appointments and halloween and visitors and cooking, I felt this sense of...I don't know the word...longing for my kids to be a certain way (skilled at sports or music or art or something) and equally comforted and defeated that they will be who God created them to be no matter what I do.  I could feed them the healthiest food in the world, and they could still get cancer.  I could tell them about Jesus every single day and they may still not believe in Him.  I could pay a bazillion dollars for music lessons and they may still stink.  I could do nothing and they could be President.  Oh, the inner wars of a mother.

This is the result of a busy week of school and visitors and an impromtu visit to the doctor:

5 loads of laundry in the hallway...with a sword on top.  I'm considering it home protection; if anyone breaks in, they'll have to fold some laundry before they can get to us.

Now you're wondering about that impromtu visit to the doctor.  It's a good story.  Bubby has been casually complaining of his tummy hurting for awhile.  I always ask the mom questions "Have you pooped?  Are you going to throw up?  Are you just hungry?" and I tried increasing his fiber and gas medicine and cutting out dairy.  The complaining was getting worse, but still not stopping him from playing and doing school, so I took him up to the base.  After seeing a doctor and getting xrays of his tummy, it was concluded that he is majorly backed up!  HA!  This was a moment I was so thankful for military healthcare and I didn't just have to pay for an xray to tell me that my son needs to poop!  Needless to say, we are now on a "clean out Bubby's intestines" plan and have spent the last 2 days close to the potty.  Never did I think my life would include holding a book up for my kid so he could do his reading lesson while sitting on the potty.


  1. Poor boy :( Hope everything came out OK (no pun intended)!

    1. It's still a work in progress, but at least we have a plan :)