Thursday, November 12, 2015


We had some new friends over to play yesterday (we met them at soccer) and the mom was asking me about homeschooling.  Her daughter goes to the school we pulled Princess P out of and was naturally curious why.  Her last question was, "So, do you have a strong community of homeschool families?  Like, do you have a group of people you can bounce ideas off of?"

Oh how I wish I did.
Sure, I know lots of homeschool families and there are certainly wise people who have done this long before me that I talked to before jumping into the venture, but I don't necessarily have people in my daily/weekly life that are in the same homeschool boat as me.  I pointed out to my new friend that sometimes a homeschool community is hard because there is such a wide variety of homeschool philosophies and methods to carrying out that particular philosophy.  

Here's the thing about homeschool: you make up what it looks like and you decide what is taught.

Which brings me to my longing for that community to bounce things off of...

I did lots of research on curriculum before picking this year's studies, but it's so hard to really know what will work for your child and your family until you are actually doing the curriculum.  Princess P is in 3rd grade and beginning grammar this year.  Some of the books I looked at seemed way too easy and I knew she would be bored out of her mind (which is one of the reasons we pulled her out of public school), so I picked a well respected booked called "Shurley English".

This book is intense.

You are supposed to do one chapter a week and each chapter is broken up into 5 lessons (1 for each day of school).  The kicker is each lesson is crazy long...and hard.  There are jingles for each concept learned and I think it's their attempt to make it fun and easy to learn the concepts, but we listened to one song and Princess P was covering her ears and pleading, "Please make it stop!".  Ha!  They are pretty bad.  This is the one she was supposed to learn this week:

Needless to say, we have not done the jingle part.  I'm trying to convince the Hubs to write us new jingles that are a little less, um, old that a nice way to say it?
The book says it's for homeschoolers, but I feel like it's more designed for a co-op.  Therefore, it's required me to modify it to fit us.  I've had to pare things down and simplify it to make it not so overwhelming for us, but still helps her learn a good grammar foundation.

So, 5 lessons into this shindig and she's classifying sentences.

There's also a list of vocabulary words that she has to define and write a descriptive sentence for and then she has to say if 2 words are synonyms or antonyms.  Then she has to decide if they are common or proper and if they are singular or plural.

Then she's supposed to write a paragraph and then edit the paragraph and then find synonyms of words in the sentence to enhance.
Then it wants her memorize a state, it's capital, it's postal abbreviation and what year it was admitted to the Union.
And then take a test and write in her journal and memorize scripture and I am not joking.

Oh, that's right...she's just 8.  And do you know what she wants to be doing?  She just wants to hang herself upside down on the couch and then hysterically laugh when she snaps a picture of me explaining to her that normal people do not hang themselves off of couches like this:

She immediately asked me to post this picture and I agreed that it did kinda feel good on my back.  Well, so much for ladylike manners...but at least she'll know how to find a prepositional phrase.