Sunday, November 15, 2015

THIS is why I homeschool

Ok, not the only reason, but it's a BIG one.  I absolutely love being present to see the light bulb click on for big things.  Bubby can see the end of his reading lesson book ('Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons'...LOVE this book) and asked me one day, "So when I'm done with the book, am I all done reading?"  Princess P never actually finished the book and once it clicked that she could read, she jumped right into easy readers.  I told Bubby that once he decides he's a reader, he'll be reading and will move onto real books.  He had in his head that because he still has to sound out words, that he's not a reader...but this day it clicked and he decided that he could do it!  He was excited and kept stopping to say, "I can read!!!"  He wanted me to record the whole story, but it took just watch the first 30 seconds of this and you'll get the idea. 

P.S. It is impossible for him to sit still when reading and naturally he was playing dress up when I called him in for his lesson, hence the Transformer with swords and slayed animals all over the floor....welcome to teaching a 5 year old boy.

Another big reason is so we can do things like this:

Hands on learning and family time.

Am I saying that you can't have these things if your child is in public school? NO.  But I personally feel like I'm able to soak up these experiences better when I'm their teacher.

And recently, in between "field trips" and long reading lessons, dinner has looked a lot like this:

Basalmic Pork in one and braised white beans in another

Meat in one crock-pot and veggies or potatoes or beans in another.  Normal people would put them all in one, but I like having differing flavors on them.

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  1. This gives me goosebumps, what an important milestone!