Sunday, November 29, 2015

The secret is out

Hubs and I have talked for years about writing a fitness blog together and when Hubs found he had a little more "down time" after deployment, he jumped into making it happen.  He's put in a lot of work and I think it looks fabulous.  Here's the link if you are curious:  A Sweaty Life...the name is a play off of our private family blog 'A Simple Life'.  Hubs decided not to be as discrete about our family on the blog and the reality is, if someone really wanted to know details about us, it wouldn't be that hard to find.  All this to say, the secret is out on our family names and going forward on this blog, I will just use our real names.

Hubs = Ben
Princess P = Alison
Bubby = Eli (or Eliot)
Charlie = Colin

This week, Alison did all of her work in one sitting so she could really enjoy family time and not worry about school.

I was secretly excited that she decided to do this.  It made our week so much more relaxing!  We got a Christmas tree and spent the day decorating the house before family came to visit.

Nana, Grandaddy and uncle Jordan came to visit and we ate lots of food, did some shopping, played games and relaxed.

My favorite part of the week was seeing endless smiles and tons of snuggles.

I'm a little nervous about jumping back into the school "grind" in the morning, but am thankful for a week of refreshment.

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  1. I'm nervous about jumping back into school, too! Glad you guys had a great week!