Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Schoolroom makeover!

 If I saw that title on Pinterest, it would have me hooked!  I'm afraid my little makeover would greatly disappoint any Pinterest viewers, but I think it's important to keep the perspective of making a schoolroom that works well for your family.  It doesn't have to be cutesy or filled with learning boxes or lined with bookshelves.  I know a lot of families that school happens around the dining room table and when the work is done, they load all the books into crates and move them to the corner.  That might be us in our next (smaller) house, but for now, I function best with a room dedicated to school.

Our rearrangement comes after Hubs did ONE day of impromptu school with the kids.  ONE day.  I'll be honest, when he brought up "how he would do school...", I was annoyed.  However, I respect that men are problem solvers and he was actually right.  How the room was arranged, I was spending a lot of time bouncing around the room helping different kids and giving them different things to do.  By the end of our school day, the couch would be filled with books that I had laid down while working with one of the kids.

Old room:

"New" room:

I sat in the middle, with all of our materials behind me so I could dish out work in a more efficient way and be right there to help/teach as they needed. When Princess P saw the new arrangement, she said, "I better get dressed like I'm going to real school!".  I wasn't sure how to take that comment, but I think she felt like it was more schoolroom esque now.  I'm also really sensitive to her comments about "real school"...I take school seriously, but I don't think she'll ever be able to get the public school comparison out of her head.

I thought the rearrangement worked really well for us.  We definitely got more done!  Because everything was literally right at my feet, I could easily hand them something extra to do while they waited.  For example, Princess P's math had us cut up an apple into fractions and then we used the apple slices to stamp leaves onto fall trees.

Literally at my feet had some consequences though.  I didn't have room for my own stuff since I gave up my desk for Charlie's workspace.  So I set my cup of water on the floor and while turning around to get a book, I put my entire foot in the cup of water.  The kids thought it was hysterical...I knew there needed to be some tweaking to this arrangement.  Hubs came home from work, walked in the new room and instantly new how to make it better.  How does he do that?!  He fixed the room for me and then went to start dinner so I could finish putting stuff away and I am so thankful this man is home!!!

Now I can still use my desk when Charlie isn't working and it looks a little more uniform.  The only problem I need to solve today is that Calendar you can see on the easel.  I had it taped up the wall, but it just keeps falling down.  So I stuck it on the easel until I could figure out a good calendar solution, and clearly that hasn't happened because it still says October.  Any suggestions???

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