Monday, November 2, 2015

Dear Commissary

Dear Commissary,

You may not rearrange the entire store...period.  It's just plain mean.  Your pretty basket of maps of the new layout was empty, but I'm pretty sure no one has time to look at/follow a map of a grocery store!  And just so you know, flour should always be in the baking aisle; that's basic grocery stocking 101.  And while we're at it, could you please teach customers to stand on the side of the aisle if they are looking for an item or *ahem* flipping through a giant file folder of coupons.  Thanks!

A momma who doesn't have the patience to find flour!


  1. How can they not have flour in the baking aisle?!!!! Where in the world did they put it?

    1. I honestly don't even remember now where I found was somewhere very random on a bottom shelf. Perhaps this is a true sign of the times; I guess baking is dead.