Friday, October 23, 2015

Stitch Fix Review, take 2

Before you look any further, please say to yourself, "I will be gracious".  Hubs took these pictures as I tried on outfits last night after the kiddos had gone to was long day and I was exhausted and just wanted to check ONE thing off my list...thus he took pictures right then and there.

They sent this cardigan:

This top and necklace:
 (sorry you can't really see the necklace...but it's teal with gold leafs)

Some "boyfriend" jeans:

And this top:

My review:
Overall, I feel medium/high.  Okay, that's not normal terminology...
I like the basic style and quality and price.  The fit on all of them was not exactly spot on; the shirts were on the verge of being too big and the jeans are a little baggy in the knee area.  I think I'll keep the grey stripped shirt and I'm still debating on the others.  Hubs thinks the last top looks too renaissancey but I think it could be cute.



  1. I don't care for the sweater, the ombre is just odd. I do like the boyfriend jeans--they're supposed to be a bit baggy so it may be that you don't care for the style rather than the fit being off. I like the color of the last top but . . . I don't know. It doesn't really seem like you? I do like the striped top on you a lot.

  2. The striped top is really cute!! I like the jeans and the purple top, too.

  3. I think the 2 tops and the jeans look great on you. I've always found though if I don't love the fit then I don't end up wearing them, so if they feel not quite right to you then they might not be worth keeping.