Thursday, October 22, 2015


That calm, confident girl that I'm told I've turned into, is gone.  Au revoir, syonara, adios.

We jumped into "normal" this week; Hubs is back at work, the kids started school and I became a teacher again.  I was up early Monday morning to get a workout, quiet time, coffee and a shower before the kids were up at 7:00.  5 am is not for the faint of heart.  I also missed the memo that fall was cancelled this year, and Monday morning brought freezing temperatures and a broken heater.  Yea.  Of course, now that Hubs is home, he can make a simple phone call and someone comes out that same day.  You know if I had called, it would have been a week before they thought about it.  But, we'll just choose to be thankful for a working heater and move on.

I was super excited about "normal".  Perhaps too excited.  I was thrilled that I could actually plan out the next 3 months...minus holidays and family visiting and the million other things we want to get done, I know we'll be here and can have somewhat of a routine.  Watch, now that I said that, Hubs will probably get orders to leave in December.  I don't use a box curriculum for the reason that I like control of each subject, but with that comes having to make my own schedule for every single subject.  I wanted it done, but it was overwhelming to finish and in the back of my head, I was freaking out that after I wrote it all out, it wouldn't actually happen.  How do you plan for sick days or days that a specific assignment takes longer than you anticipated?  I'm sure the logical answer to schedule flex days, but it's too late, the schedule is already written.

Here's what we're doing this year:

3rd Grade:
Proverbs study
Reading for 30 minutes

Five in a Row
Proverbs study
Learning to read

For each one of these I use a curriculum/book and I'd be happy to share that info with anyone interested.

So here's where my freak out came.  Our schedule is not wasting a moment full...and we haven't even started science!  Or piano lessons!  Or Spanish!  And you may have noticed that there isn't even a preschool section yet!  Poor Charlie.  The other two had crafts and themed snacks and letter focused activities and #3 gets random things thrown at him to do to keep him occupied as I juggle the other two.  We have homeschool gym class on Tuesday and go to the library on Thursday and that's it.  No co-op or sports (soccer ends this weekend) and I feel like our schedule is to the max.  Plus, it's important to me to teach the kids house chores and cooking and scripture and somehow in all this I have to find time to be me and not a teacher or mom.

Then Hubs walked through the door and asked what was for dinner.

And I freaked out more.  

Need to plan dinner.  Need food for dinner.  Need to go to the grocery store.  Need to plan meals and make a grocery list before I can go to the grocery store and AHH!

Added to all this, the kids missed the "we are starting the school routine" boat and were struggling with obeying and having good attitudes.

In the middle of my long freak out to Hubs, I asked, "So what's the answer to all this?".  Guys are problem solvers, right?  And he, out of anyone, should get this craziness the best.  I love teaching our kids and I love the things we're involved in and I love cooking good food, but all that doesn't buy groceries or teach spanish.

I think I know part of the answer, but I'm not sure how to formulate it.  I think the answer lies somewhere in the network of other homeschool moms.  There are so many of us out there and I can't imagine one of us is saying, "I'm 100% great with everything on my plate."  If I'm wrong, please comment and tell us all your secret to life!  

As for groceries, I hope to plan out a month of meals and grocery lists so it's done and somewhat off my plate.  But my question now is: why do I turn so snotty when meal planning?  Seriously.  I pull up the list of regular meals and am immediately disgusted.  I have months of meals already written out in hopes that I would just cycle through the months and do you know what I thought when I pulled them out?  "Yuck!  I don't like any of these!  I can't make these again!"  BUT what do I do?  I end up making the same stuff that I just turned my nose up just took 2 hours of browsing Pinterest to succumb to the familiar recipes.

The next day Hubs brought home this wine:

It was so perfect I had to take a picture with my crazies in the background. 

Cheers to surviving this first week back!

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  1. I'm over menu planning, I'll join you for sure on that one. I think I told you that's the redeeming value of that Blue Apron service--neither of us has to plan the menu. And then because we spent the money on it, we (OK Kent) cooks it and we eat it. And it's pretty good. But yeah, I like the photo of the wine even if the sentiment of a simple life may be out of reach at the moment.