Sunday, October 4, 2015

Dress Reveal!

Nothing extraordinary, but I love this dress.  So much that I bought 2, in different colors, which is something I never do.  You can tell by the slight shadow that it's a little big in the bust, but most things are in my life...I would consider fixing it if the alterations didn't cost more than the dress.

So this is what I wore to pick up Hubs:


 I had originally planned on wearing this variation:

But Princess P frowned upon the blue necklace and requested the gold one on the way out the door.  Also had to veto the cute sandals I specifically got to match the belt because of all the rain.  I don't think the boots are a stellar match, but they kept my feet dry and that's more important when your standing in rain for 3 hours.

I love the dress because I can see so many variations with it.  I wore this to church this morning:

And was able to sport the bracelet Hubs brought home for me from Panama and a jean jacket for the cooler morning the hurricane brought.  I can also see it with a scarf for the even cooler days.

I wore the blue dress on our first date out post deployment.

 I'm thankful the dress search and homecoming are over and these dresses can just go into my "normal" wardrobe.  Actually, I feel slightly bad for my friends at church because you will probably be seeing me wear one of these every Sunday from now on.  I'll try to mix up the accessories for you :)


  1. That dress looks fantastic on you -- well both actually. Will you try Stitch Fix again do you think?

    1. Ironically I almost put in my last paragraph that I wasn't sure about doing stitch fix again. Maybe a better option for me is putting short shopping trips into my monthly schedule. I would continue without hesitation if there wasn't a $20 styling fee that you don't get back if you don't purchase any clothes. For now, I've held off my shipments until I decide

  2. I'll be glad to see the dresses many times because I know how much you like them. It will be fun to see how you accessorize. :)