Thursday, September 24, 2015

Prayer please

I just received an email from Hubs with the subject "Stinky News".  Yep, stinky news.  There's a storm and the currents aren't allowing them to port in Florida and therefore, they won't be home when they were supposed to.  They might be home Monday or Tuesday.  However, if they actually make it into port tomorrow, they are letting off certain people and if he can get the approval from his command, he can get off and fly or drive home.  SO, he may be home tomorrow or some time next week, but not when he was supposed to.  YUCK.  I would love prayers specifically that Hubs would get the approval to get off the ship and that he would be able to get on a flight home tomorrow.  Also, prayers for the women who have had babies while their husbands are on the ship and really need their husbands home.  And prayers for the morale of the ship and for my own sanity.  I had a time and place to meet my hubs; now I have nothing and my plan is completely washed out.  What do I do now?  Still clean the house and hope he comes home tomorrow and not Tuesday when it will be completely trashed by then?  Do I wear my dress for the next week?  What about all the food I'm picking up tomorrow for our nice dinners...should I eat those meals by myself or mac n' cheese until he gets home?  I don't know.  All I know is I have to take life one moment at a time.  And right now, I'm going to sip a margarita and hunt for all the dark chocolate in the house. 


  1. Oh sweetie :( I am praying for you (and also crying for you a little).

  2. Breathe my dear! Will be praying Ben gets home safe and pronto, hugs to all.