Monday, September 21, 2015

Kids' Appreciation Day

Hub's homecoming is in 6 days and we have a crazy week coming up of "normal" life and preparing for our celebration party.  But I realized this weekend that the hierarchy of attention during deployment goes:
#1: deployed person
#2: spouse of deployed person
#3: kids of deployed person

Our kids have had to make sacrifices over the last few months too.  They've heard me say countless times, "I just can't do that by myself".  Through it all, they've adjusted and had great attitudes and been awesome helpers.  I wanted to celebrate them and all they've been through and let them know how proud of them I am.

After church, we headed to their favorite lunch spot.  They love ordering muffins as big as their head and a side of bacon.  Eating out after church is one of their favorites and that is one thing that has been a challenge for me by myself.

With full bellies, we headed to Target and I gave them each $10 to buy whatever treat they wanted.  Only problem...3 year olds have no concept of money and Charlie was dead set on this $40 little people toy and $15 stuffed dog.  Somehow we hid the toys and convinced him to get a new toy car.

We spent the afternoon playing, watching movies and eating skittles.  Princess P said it was her most favorite day ever and I hope she remembers this day more than all the days of sacrifice.

I also hope this day helps them not expect gifts from Daddy when he walks off the ship.  He normally brings them each a little something when he travels, but there's not much to bring a kid off of a ship.  The kids and I have talked about this some, but do kids ever stop wanting new toys?  Probably not.

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  1. I love that you threw the kids a party! That was an inspired idea.