Thursday, September 10, 2015

He's back

You didn't believe me when I said my greatest challenge was teaching with a tornado, did you?  If you'll notice, he's sitting behind Princess P, talking to her and poking her and trying to get her to come play.  Shortly after I took this picture he dumped the salt box (used to teach writing letters) all over the floor.  All was well until we had to get counting bears out for math...something about those bears unleashes the tornado.

I am so thankful that we have an extra room for just our school stuff, but I will never again have a schoolroom in my bedroom.  never again.  Somehow snack time always ends up in my room and I'm left with extra crumbs and counting bears and math papers everywhere!

The boys are going through a book called 'Five in a Row' and this weeks' story is 'The Little Bunny'.  It's about a little girl with a pet bunny and how she takes care of it, so the kids decided they needed a snack picnic with all of their pets...naturally in my bedroom.

We've only been in school 3 days and each day has been a little different, with a commissary run and trip to the library and a dentist appointment and a couple of trips the Y, on top of school.  I realized today that a set routine isn't going to stick for long and this season of life may be in 2 week increments.  Right now, everything is on my plate, which means we have to do everything all together.  Hubs is taking a few weeks off of work when he comes home and who knows what life looks like after that!  Princess P is a big time planner and loves to know what is going the craziness of our schedule is not jiving well with her.  So today I wrote out a little planner for her, that I can fill out a week at a time.  I wrote out what school work she needs to get done that day (I'll fill in specific chapters and pages each morning), as well as specific chores and events for that day.

I also decided today to embrace the crazy.  While all my friends are singing the song of "Yea, my kids are back in school and I have a break!", I'm singing the "Yea, my crazy life just got a whole lot crazier!"  But as I watch all the parents walk their kids to the bus stop on the corner of our street (it's like a parade in the morning, you really can't miss it), I am not an ounce jealous.  I could be out there in that parade, putting my older 2 on the bus and then driving the little to preschool.  I could have 3 hours of quiet and maybe actually get a real workout in.  But I am so thankful that's not my life.  I have so much peace that this is what we are supposed to be doing, even when it's crazy and my bed is full of counting bears.

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  1. I had to look twice to see the tornado behind the princess!