Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Good Times

That title is sarcastic.
If you read the 'Prayers Please' post, you may be wondering what is the scoop with Hubs.  He did not get approved to fly home and has been stuck on the ship waiting for winds to die down.  AND there's another tropical storm brewing as I type.  yea.

I pulled a muscle in my neck yesterday morning, simply by handing Charlie something.  Honestly, I think the injury started by talking on the phone the day before.  My body forgot what it's like to hold a phone and freaked out when I was finally able to have a longer than 5 minute conversation with Hubs.

We had originally planned on this week being vacation, but I decided we better plug along on school.  I would rather push through this wretched week and really enjoy vacation when Hubs is home, than not do school and just be wallowing.  So, I bunkered down on the couch in the school room, with an ice pack and Princess P's planner to write up another week of school.  I had the kids pick a subject and bring me their books so I could teach without moving and it gave them a chance to decided what order of school they wanted.

The kids asked if we could have pj day and thought it was hilarious when I actually said 'yes'.  Hey, college students go to class in pj's, so why not 3rd graders?

The truth is I was very grouchy yesterday and had some choice words in my head, but I was also very thankful that we chose the path of homeschooling for times like this.  I'm thankful that we can do school in our pj's, on the couch and I can look at my beautiful girl's smile.  I was thinking yesterday about "what if they were public school right now"...I think they would be more stressed out, especially Princess P.  I would have told their teachers that they would be gone for a few days, but then they would actually show up at school, only to possible be gone at the end of the week.  Being gone all day and coming home to homework and bed would not have given us time to sit and talk about how they were feeling about daddy coming home.  It's often the assumption that kids are just excited, period.  But I've found Princess P's emotions to be much more complex.  She understands far more than I give her credit and the past couple of days she has needed some extra time to talk through all the worries floating around her head.  "What about the party we were planning and what if I miss soccer practice and what if he comes home late at night and it's dark and I can't see daddy when he walks off the ship?"  All valid worries and things that I'm thankful she could share with me while sitting on this couch.  If she were in school, I would just see the stress and discipline the behavior of that stress instead of knowing the heart of it.

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