Thursday, September 24, 2015

A few short days

 Hubs is done with his mission and on his way home!  In a few short days I get to see his handsome face in person!

While he's relaxing on the ship (although he says it's super rocky because of storms), we're doing important things like getting haircuts.

Princess P wanted to chop her hair to surprise daddy and thanks to all the mirrors I starred at while trying on a bazzillion homecoming dresses, I realized I was in desperate need of a trim.  
P.S. For those of you in my everyday life; please tell me when my hair looks atrocious!

It feels surreal that the day we've longed for and counted down to is almost here.  And as deployment comes to an end (Praise the Lord!) it makes me look back at the last few months.  There was so much that I said we would do and never even got close to checking off the list.  Things like:
Play tennis
 Trail walks
 Trip to Williamsburg
Teach Bubby to ride a bike
I planned on lifting a lot of weights and getting completely ripped...ha!  I thought I would save so much money...again, big ha!  I said I was going to get a sitter once a week and let myself shop for new clothes...that happened once.  I "committed" to Hubs that I would try new recipes and post successes on our food blog to keep myself cooking real food...yea, I tried one new recipe.
It leaves me wondering "what did I do?".  
Well, I did teach myself to grill, but I believe I may have ruined the grate in the process.  Those can be replaced, right?  I took the kids to the pool and organized the garage (because that's what normal people do when their Hub is deployed) and bought homeschool curriculum on ebay all by myself.  I even learned how to change the battery in a broken smoke detector!  Most importantly, I survived, so that's got to be worth something.

I am feeling less anxious about reintegration, which is good, but also had a new realization about the kids adjusting.  They are completely excited daddy is coming home, but I can also see the hesitation in their faces.  Princess P knows that it means there's an end to movie nights with momma in her bed and Bubby knows he can't sneak into daddy's spot in the middle of the night.  They know it's the end to my undivided attention and picnic dinners in front of the TV.  Hubs is planning on taking each kid out for a special date next week and I'm praying that it helps them see the positives of daddy being home and makes them feel so special.


  1. I really like the refreshed blog. I mean, I've never been a Navy wife or a mother of three, but it feels very real to me.

    1. Thanks Kent! I really appreciate your encouragement!

  2. I love the idea of a special date night--and I think Hubs has good insight into how to be with the kiddos--after all, his dad was gone a lot and Hubs had to work through all that as a child.