Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Traveling with kids 101

Because all of our family has always lived states away, we have traveled perhaps a little more than the average family.  We fly once or twice a year and have taken several road trips as well.  I am not a huge fan of traveling, but thankfully my kids have not yet inherited my motion-sickness gene.  Let's home that sticks.

My best advice for traveling with kids = novel snacks and toys.

This last trip we went on, we splurged and bought the older kids each a DS with headphones and a couple of games.  Except for the headphones, everything was used, so it was half the price and completely worth it.  I struggled with feeling like we were spoiling them, especially right after Christmas, but a little spoiling was worth the ease of traveling.  I liked that they were used, so if we accidentally left them somewhere or spilled something on them, I wouldn't have to completely freak out.  We also purchased a few apps on the iPad that would hold a very active 2 year old's attention.  The cherry on top was Annie's organic fruit snacks.  Fruit snacks are something that they crave and ask for, but we never give them.  I felt slightly better about organic sugar (although I'm not deceived enough to think it's any better for you) and poured 3 boxes in my back pack to dish out as needed.  Worked like a charm.

Second best advice = ALWAYS have a burp cloth and plastic bag with you.

I'm a simple person.  I never have large diaper bags or giant purses.  I keep with me only the necessities and that doesn't include boogie wipes or diaper rash cream.  But no matter how old your kids are, it never fails that something spills or snot suddenly starts pouring out or worse...

Here's a story for you:

When packing up to come home our trip last week, I had this feeling we would need extra clothes.  I've learned that flying through Atlanta is never safe and we've been stuck there several times.  So I packed a carry on with a change of clothes for everyone, some toiletries and ALL of Charlie's pull ups and wipes.  When we got to the airport, Charlie said he had to go potty.  When we got to the potty, I found his pull up full of diarrhea.  Unexpected surprise?  Yes.  But, no worries, I had my cleverly packed carry on.  I cleaned up Charlie and took him commando back out to the carry on...only to find that Hubs had checked it on while I was in the bathroom, trying to be helpful and lighten our load.  Already through security and our plane was about to board, we were in trouble!  I dug through my backpack and whipped out my handy dandy burp cloth and stuck in Charlie's pants.  We strapped him in his carseat on the plane and were good until about halfway through the flight, when he said he had to go potty again.  We squeezed into the airplane bathroom and he had yet again, had some diarrhea on the burp cloth.  What was a momma to do?  I noticed a stash of feminine products behind the toilet, so I flipped the cloth inside out, slapped on a pad and shoved it back in his pants.  I strapped him back in his seat, whispered to Hubs our situation and prayed that he would never remember wearing a pad!  Three seconds later, Princess P spilled her drink all over her pants.  Hubs held out his hand for the diaper cloth and it only a look to remind him that it was currently occupied.  Okay, so maybe the rule should be, always have 2 burp clothes with you.

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