Sunday, January 18, 2015

What's your foodology?

Everyone has a different foodology.  What people consider to be the best way to eat and what they define as "healthy"are different.  Our family's foodology has certainly evolved over the years.  It's been influenced at times by people and circumstances.  For instance, there was a time in my life that I didn't bake and there was a time when sleep deprivation took me hostage and I didn't care what I ate.

Food marketing has probably influenced my foodology the most this past year.  It boils my blood that I have to put so much energy into making sure my food is healthy.  I'm tired of being deceived by the label "all natural" or "organic".  

Here's some examples:

1. Pure vanilla extract

It's not imitation, you think you're buying the good stuff and wham! you turn it over to find that they've added sugar to it.  Hubs and I ended up making our own vanilla extract.  Vanilla beans + vodka= vanilla extract.  Okay, so you have to let it sit for a couple of months, but it's worth it and much prettier.

2. Nuts

 I was looking for a clean afternoon snack and Hubs suggested some nuts.  Picked these up today, opened them up, turned over the package and along with that salt and pepper they advertise, they also threw in sugar and dextrose (which is just another form of sugar).  I'm so tired of sugar being hidden in everything.  Why can't a nut, just be a nut?!

3. Balsamic vinegar

This one got my blood boiling the highest.  We use balsamic vinegar as our sole salad dressing.  It's low calorie and has some good health benefits.   I was looking to restock it today and found that most contain added caramel color.  I looked at no joke, 10 different bottles of balsamic vinegar and only found 1 brand that didn't have the added color.  What makes me mad is the deception to the consumer.  Something as basic as balsamic vinegar, should be just that.  Stop adding junk to food that should be healthy!

My foodology is to eat food that I know what it is.  Sure, there's a balance and sometimes I make the conscious choice to eat something that will remain a mystery.  But for the most part, I choose to eat an apple, because I know it is an apple.  I bake my own bread and granola bars because I can pronounce the ingredients in them.

I read on a blog once, a statement that will forever make me laugh.
"You know what is organic?  Poison Ivy.  Just because it's organic doesn't mean it's a good idea."

Don't be fooled by labels and marketing and always be sure to look at the label!

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  1. Yeah ditching the sugar is so hard, both because I like it and because it's in everything :(