Saturday, January 31, 2015

Be a runner

I once read this Pinterest quote:

I am a runner. Encouraging to me because I often feel so far from the goals I have! But every day I run I'm closer to them!
I have repeated this quote many times to other people.  If you run, you are a runner.  period.  Then I read this quote and it changed my running thinking.  (sorry, I couldn't find the fun Pinterest picture)

'Runners run no matter what'

This is hard for me, but I challenged myself to really become the person who gets out for a run when others would call it crazy.  I made the mistake of telling Hubs about my personal challenge.  Now he keeps me accountable for my crazy idea and hands me my shoes when it's 30 degrees outside and slightly raining.

It means running on Christmas Day after playing for hours with your kids and it means running on vacation or after a sleepless night of caring for a sick little one.

**I wrote this post about 6 weeks ago.  Funny how things change in a few weeks.  Life decided to up my challenge and I've realized how spoiled I've been since becoming a runner.  I had this wonderful life line in our local YMCA.  For the last 6 years, it's been my second home and part of my daily routine.  My kids literally grew up there and while they played with friends, I had 2 hours to do whatever work out I chose.  For several years, I taught classes there and on off days, I would run the trail.  In a way, we had to say goodbye to our second home last week.  I feel somewhat like a kid who has been kicked out of the house and not to be dramatic, but I'm crushed.  Since beginning our homeschool journey, my workouts looked like this:
My view from the treadmill

I sacrificed time and the trail and did my runs on the treadmill with Princess P next to me, quietly working on school.  I was doing whatever it took to be a runner.  Then, after my short workout, we would play in the gym or go swimming.

However, last week I was informed, in not a tactful or respectful or "hey you've lived here for 6 years and used to be an employee" way, that my daughter was not allowed there in the morning...she was not allowed in the fitness center and too old for the child basically she cannot be in the building until 5pm.  I feel like I should add, that months prior, I talked with the kids program director and told her I would be bringing my daughter and asked if there would be a place for her and she assured me there would be.  ANYWAY, my life line was cut for me that day.  It was way harder than it should have been and now I'm on this weird and awkward journey to figure out a new routine.

running 5.5 miles through the neighborhoods we grew up in

 We spent the week visiting family and it was absolutely what my heart needed.  I needed time away and time to think about what a new schedule would look like.  I'm pretty sure this new schedule entails me getting up at 5am and running in the freezing cold before Hubs leaves for work.  Fun times.  I'm scared.  I'm scared I won't have the courage or energy to maintain this crazy schedule.  But I decided today that running is more than just moving and more than moving even when you don't want to.

Running is a fight.

I wish I could make a pretty Pinterest sign to put that on, but you just get it in bold.  You have to fight be a runner.  Fight the outdoor elements or the boredom of a treadmill.  Fight laziness and the voices telling you to put other things first or that you're just not fast enough.  Fight for fitness and fight for yourself. 


  1. Yeah! You can do this and moreover, it seems as though you also should do it. You're right, you need to fight for this little bit of time for yourself. And for what it's worth, you know I'm with you up at that same crazy early time because yes, it's that important to get out there and run.

  2. Whoa! I need to talk to you. I can't believe they told you that. :(