Sunday, December 7, 2014

Seeking help

Princess P "helping" daddy carry the tree

I've been praying this past week that God would show me opportunities to help others around me.  This season is full of helping programs, from Operation Christmas child, to Toy for Tots, to Adopt a Family.  While I fully support these programs, I know there is need right in front of me.  My prayer is that I would take my eyes off of myself and see the need that is often starring me right in the face.

Yesterday, just 30 minutes after praying over this, I got a text from a friend that just made me stop.  She asked if she could take my kids for a morning so I could go Christmas shopping by myself.  Sounds so simple, yet it spoke volumes to me.  I was just praying how I could help someone and here someone was asking to help me. 

But sometimes, letting someone serve you is a bigger blessing to them.  This is a lesson that has taken me a long time to learn.  It would be easy for me to respond with "You're so sweet to offer, but I don't need any help".  My pride shoots up when someone offers to help and sometimes I'm embarrassed that they recognize my need for it.  But the truth is, letting someone help you is allowing them to love you.  Opening up a vulnerable space in your life can be a blessing to their life too.

Now, seriously.  I need to see opportunities to serve because my kids need a big dose of "Christmas is not about YOU!".  Would appreciate your prayers :)

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