Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Raisin' a Tornado

I've started to feel like I'm raising a diva, a turtle and a tornado.  Have you ever tried to dress a tornado?  Or take a tornado to the library?  I dared my husband to take our tornado to the grocery store, when his speed ramps up to high volume.  He has a fascination with grocery carts and if he can get his hands on one, he'll push it full force into the nearest object.  Just yesterday, while I was paying for our groceries, he grabbed the woman's cart behind us and rammed it into her.  Good times.  This morning, I was attempting to buy some Christmas decorations and he jumped on the side of our cart which tipped it all the way over and completely blocked the entrance of the store.  This is one reason why I run...I have to keep up with a tornado!  THEN, add a turtle next to the tornado and you have this momma going in two completely different directions.  One is slowly meandering along and one is sprinting away.  THEN the cherry drops.  The diva enters and sighs exasperatedly.  "Mom, would you stop embarrassing me?"

I am constantly reminding myself that God gave me these 3 completely different children for a reason.  He gave me a tornado for a reason.  Maybe He's trying to teach me to be more fun.  Or maybe I would be too lazy without having to chase after him.  All I know is that I am thankful for them and thankful for the momma that they make me.

Any advice to keep tornadoes contained in grocery stores?

when you give a tornado a cup of milk...

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