Thursday, December 18, 2014

Last Day of "Normal"

Today is my last day of "normal".
Princess P just got on the bus and Hubs left for work.  This is my last day of just me and the boys and a guaranteed "quiet time" this afternoon.  However, this also means that this was the last crazy morning of shoving kids in coats and scrambling to find socks to make it out the door to catch the bus.  This was the last morning of throwing food in a lunch box and debating school appropriate outfits. 
Tomorrow Hubs starts a glorious 9 day "staycation", which is perhaps the best Christmas present he could have ever given me.  Tomorrow he will be home to help me wrangle our crazies and a week of leisure will begin.  When his staycation is over, our new homeschool venture will begin and a new "normal" will begin.  I'm equally sad to see my normal leave and excited to see what new normal looks like.
Now, the big decision is; what to do with my last afternoon of nap? workout? wrap presents? eat lots of cookies?

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