Sunday, July 6, 2014

The summer of "no"

I've declared this summer, the summer of "no".  Why, you may ask.  Because we are spoiled... and I am included in this equation.  I easily deceive myself into thinking that I am deprived.  We never eat out, we don't have cable or go to the movie theater and it is a rare occasion that any new article of clothing is purchased (thank you hand-me-downs!).  It hit me one day in the grocery store, as I was throwing in a harmless, probably even healthy, item that my son requested into the cart...I say yes way too much.  So Hubs and I joined forces and have begun the detox.  Our theme is "no" and the simplicity is freeing.  Grocery shopping is quick, quiet and a whole lot cheaper!  I spend far less time debating about whether we should grant a request because it's already decided.  Self-control is something that easily slips away, but the blessings from reigning it in are bountiful.

So, now you're thinking that our summer is now no fun.  But here's what we do say yes to:

Playing outside with friends.
Afternoons at the pool.
Riding bikes and eating fresh peaches.
Library trips and reading endless books.

Our first run together!

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