Monday, July 21, 2014

Praying for my buns

My morning started with an egg-catastrophe.  I was whippin' up some eggs and sausage for the littles when a giant bug landed in the middle of the eggs.  I tried to scoop it out but bits of it only got stirred into the eggs.  YUCK!  Being the sanitary mom that I am, I dumped the eggs and started again, using the remaining farm eggs in our fridge.

Then I ran 4 miles in the rain.  The rain and I seem to have a thing lately.  I braved the trail and only saw one other person...creepy

Burgers were on the menu for dinner so while the kids napped, I started on making the buns.  We are firm believers that homemade buns make any hamburger 10 trillion times better.  We use this recipe...which of course calls for 1 egg!  Big. fat. sigh.  But thank you to Jesus, Pinterest and a college degree, buns were still made.  I researched some egg substitution ideas and found mayonaise as an option.  1 egg=2 Tbsp of mayo.  Did I have mayo?  Yes.  But only 2 Tbsp total and I needed those tablespoons to put on my buns!  So I turned to pinterest and found a Pin for plain Greek yogurt substitutes.  Bottom line, I put 2 Tbsp Greek yogurt in my buns instead of 1 egg and prayed really hard through the whole process that they would be edible. 

They were so moist and super yummy!  Hubs even raved about them, which says a lot because he is the bread master. 

Praise the Lord for a successful dinner! 
(Burgers with grilled onions, mayo, lettuce and bbq sauce; kale and sweet potato chips; sliced peaches)

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