Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mixin' it up

I pulled a back muscle last week while participating in a high impact class.  We were doing a bent over tricep move and I remember thinking "it would be really easy to hurt your back during this move" and was extra careful to watch my form.  So much for that!  I could barely walk for 3 days and was stinkin' mad at the whole injury.  I've never injured myself like this and did everything wrong to take care of it.  Here's what I learned:

1.  Do not use heat or stretch pulled muscle!
2.  Give adequate rest to strained muscle, but keep moving so it doesn't get stiff
3.  ICE!!!  20 minutes on, 20 minutes off.  DO NOT keep ice on all day long.
4.  Take Aleve and drink lots of water. 
5.  Ease back into exercise after muscle is feeling better.  Don't do too much too soon or you will re-injure it.

Of course my injury happened while Hubs was out of the country...naturally.  Let's just say, it's a miracle that Princess P is old enough to change diapers and loves being a little momma.  I've been nervous about working out this week, but want to keep moving so I've tried to mix things up. 
Here's my 2 new 'recovering from a back injury' workouts:

1.  The stair climber.  I've always looked at these machines and thought they were pointless.  Who wants to climb stairs that go nowhere?  But, it's a workout that requires no bending over!  I was so surprised by how quickly time flew on this thing and how sore my tushy was the next day.

2.  Pool running.  I'm not a swimmer and the pool, quite frankly, is intimidating to me.  But after 2 recommendations to give pool running a try, I jumped in this morning.  Just put a floaty belt on, jump in the deep end and "run".  I know I looked ridiculous, but after only 10 minutes, my legs were on fire.  The suspension felt fabulous on my back and it was nice to be in cool water instead of drenched in sweat.  Plus the resistance from the water gave an extra boost to the running.

I will definitely be keeping these new activities in my routine even after the back is all healed.

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