Saturday, July 26, 2014

Long Run Saturday

My week did not go how I planned...I guess it never does.  Hand, foot and mouth disease invaded our house and we were at the doctor 3 times!

By the end of the week I decided that I was never going to run again if I didn't go early in the morning before Hubs left for work.  Yesterday I was out the door at 6 am and ran 4 miles in the glorious coolness of the morning.  It felt wonderful to get out in the quiet and even have some time to stretch before the kiddos woke up.  However, when it came time to run 6 miles today, my legs were not so happy that I had just run 4 the day before.  But Hubs and I were able to run together and I was thankful to A.) be back on the trail and B.) to be able to keep up with Hubs the whole time (he's been running quite a bit faster than me the last couple of weeks on his own runs).  Today's run was different because we actually talked during the run. We don't usually say anything and just sign to each other about the route.  Today we talked and it made the 54 minutes of running go by much faster.

After our run, we hit the farmer's market and ran a few errands to get ready for Princess P's big birthday this week.  Then this afternoon, Hubs took the kids to the pool while I cooked; Indian lentils with basmati rice for dinner and fresh blueberry muffins for the morning.

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