Sunday, July 20, 2014

Long Run Saturday

5 miles.
The start of our long runs.

Unfortunately, Bubby was under the weather, so we had to take turns running.  Hubs went first, then we went to the farmer's market and I didn't get out until the afternoon which was a bad decision.  We ran into some friends at the farmer's market who said they just saw a bear on our usual running trail.  I'll save my sprinting from bears day until speed-work-Thursday.  Hubs suggested a route right by our house and I spent the entire run thinking "How did I not know this was here?!".  This little lake is only 1.5 miles from our house!

It was not an easy run for me.  The later in the day, the harder working out is for me.  Plus, I'm fighting a cold and had some major music issues along the way.  Music is huge motivation in running.  I got tired of my running playlist so I turned on Pandora.  But I accidentally hit 'Country music' instead of 'Christian music' and ended up stopping twice just to adjust my playlist.  My headphones were being finicky and I got hit in the head by a giant bug.  The last mile is always the hardest and this run didn't let me down.  As I entered back into our neighborhood I had to pee like no tomorrow.  I quickly missed the port-a-potties along the trail and realized that I need to get to know more people in our neighborhood!  I ran home as fast as I could, sprinted in the door, straight to the bathroom. 
Hubs: "Are you okay?"
Me: "NO! I almost peed on the sidewalk in our neighborhood!"
Hubs: " would have made for a good story"
Me: "Yea, not really the way I want to meet our neighbors.  Sorry I peed on your sidewalk"

Good times.  
If you are a runner who also struggles with this, please know that it is completely normal.

I read yesterday that wearing compression sleeves after a run is good for recovery.  Thought I would give it a whirl after my torturous run with them on.

Compression sleeves + your grandma's apron = the latest fashion

Another great source for recovery is chocolate milk.

They handed out chocolate milk after the half marathon last summer and I thought it was a repulsive idea...until I tried it.  Best.thing.ever.  I stocked up on some for our long runs and the kids do not think it's fair that these are not for them.  We're such mean parents :)  But as our runs get longer, recovery is essential, especially for our kids.  Last time I trained, I would be wiped out after a long run.  But with both of us training, we can't both be zombies for the rest of the day.  Don't believe me about chocolate milk?  Read this article for more.

We spent the afternoon canning our first batch of pasta sauce.  We blanched tomatoes from the farmer's market, skinned them and then simmered them with onions (also from the market), fresh garlic and basil and sea salt.

We learned this trick yesterday when blanching: 
slit an x in the bottom of the tomato and the skins fall right off.


Dinner was amazing...just had to share.
Cilantro lime brown rice, black beans, grilled salmon and guacamole.

P.S.  I'm writing this post a day later and so far, my recovery plan has worked.  I'm not sore at all today :)

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  1. I can't run except first thing in the morning, after a cup of coffee and a pit stop. I get too hot, or my gut hurts or I get side stitches if I run later in the day -- it's just miserable. Although I would think running with country music would be bad, no matter what time of day :)