Thursday, June 5, 2014

You know you're a mom when...

You may have noticed that I haven't posted preschool stuff for a long time.  We finished the alphabet with our preschool co-op and have been doing worksheets/activities here and there.  But the big news is; Bubby's going to a real preschool next year!  I'll save the why's for another post, but this week we had to take his medical papers to the school to finish up his application.  I've only been to the preschool once and am just getting to know the people there, so I was feeling a little weary as we ventured in to find the office.  I carried Charlie on my hip and Bubby stayed close behind me as we talked to the receptionist and she verified all of his information.  I was loading the boys back into the car when I gasped.
This is what my child looked like the entire time I was holding him:

Apparently the blueberry juice I gave him in the car exploded all over his face, thus making him look like he had measles.
I can only imagine what the preschool people think of me now.

I sat in the car and had a good laugh at myself.
How could I not have noticed his face?!

We headed to the gym from there.  I dropped the boys off at the childwatch and opened my gym bag to get ready for my run:

What?  You don't have spanking spoons in your gym bag?

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