Saturday, June 7, 2014

Things I can't handle

There are a few things I have a hard time handling as a mother.  Snot is at the top of that list.  Open wounds come in at a close second.  But this week, Princess P has handed me 2 that are high on my list: fevers and loose teeth. 

We were having a lovely evening picking blueberries and eating the world's best strawberry ice cream as a family.  It was a warm evening and we were all sweating, hot and tired from the day.  Princess P was exceptionally quiet on the way home and when Hubs picked her up out of the car, he was shocked to find her on fire.  When fans and ice packs didn't cool her down, I grabbed the motrin and that sinking feeling of mommy guilt set it.  Why didn't I know she wasn't feeling good? How could I traipse her through the farm when she was sick?

She battled a fever for several days, never showing any other signs of sickness.  Even when her temperature spiked, she would only complain that she was thirsty.  I hate how mysterious fevers are.  Yes, I understand they are the bodies way of fighting an infection.  But what kind of infection?  When should I take her to see a doctor?  How often should I alternate tylenol and motrin?  There's so much gray area that it just drives me crazy.  I would much rather her vomit all over the place and I clean up and know she has a stomach bug.  Give her toast and gingerale and we're good.

But the real kicker with kids and sickness is keeping them quarantined.  Why is that siblings are constantly fighting, but can't stand to be apart from each other?  I don't get it.  I guess it's kind of like the forbidden fruit...the second I said, "You cannot be around sissy today" the boys instantly thought it was their mission to get as close as possible to her.

Second kicker of sick kids, is getting them to rest.  Hubs and I remember laying on the couch all day, watching TV as kids.  What happened to our kids?  I even rented a special Barbie movie for the Princess and she couldn't even finish it.  I found myself shouting today "I told you to rest!"  "I should not hear arguing, you aren't supposed to be playing together!!!"  "For the love of all things, just lay down for 10 minutes!".

Positive side to mysterious fevers, she's still had a good appetite.  Down side?  She was eating lunch today and began to ask me a question.  I looked up from my sandwich to find blood flowing out of her mouth.  Praise the Lord I am not pregnant or I would have puked.  Her front tooth is hanging on by a thread and I cannot handle it.  I called Hubs at work in a frenzy.  I told him we had an emergency and he needed to come home pronto.  Keep in mind that there was a real emergency on base today, but I felt it necessary to bother him because that's how much I cannot handle teeth falling out.

Notes to myself:
~ Fevers spike at night, try not to freak out and put her in cool shower
~ Princess P will not drink any flavored drink no matter how many different kinds you try.  Save your money and give her water.
~ Next time duct tape her to the couch and send the boys outside!

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