Monday, June 23, 2014

Farmers market

Hubs and I have committed a portion of our budget this summer to shopping at our local farmers market.  Our goal each week is to buy eggs and produce there, but will pick up meat if our budget allows.  We've been testing the difference between organic and farm fresh and it's been really interesting to see the difference.  Here are a couple of things I have found really interesting.

1.  Chicken.  Huge lesson learned! When the lady at the farmers market told me the price, I thought she meant total...nope, that was per pound!  Yikes!  I paid 17 stinkin' dollars for a chicken!  Although,  I talked to a friend of mine who raises chickens and she said they normally sell around $20, so apparently I got a good deal.  I think it's crazy, but I suppose that's just because I don't understand what it takes to raise those kind of chickens.  But, $17.00 later, 3 meals and lots of chicken broth later, I can tell you that I could not tell a difference from an organic one at the store.

2. Spinach.  Huge difference in produce from the farmers market!  The spinach we've been buying is so fresh that Princess P will eat it plain out of the bag.

3.  Eggs.  Biggest difference.  We weren't able to make it to the market this weekend, so I picked up some organic eggs from the store.  I made Hubs breakfast this morning and had 2 farm eggs was crazy to see the difference.
Top egg: store bought, organic
Bottom egg: farm

 Farm eggs are bigger, have a richer taste and the yokes are a deep orange.  They usually run $4 a dozen at the market and you can easily spend more than that for organic eggs at the store.

Wondering why my farm eggs is in a mason jar lid?  Hubs loves breakfast sandwiches, so I was attempting to make a circle egg to fit on an english muffin.  It was a good idea in theory, but the egg stuck to the sides and was a flop.  I'll save the time, just order a silicone form from Amazon.

The kicker with eggs is, if we don't get to the market early enough, they run out.  We've considered joining a local co-op, but there's a substantial membership fee.  So we're debating if it's worth it...what do you think?

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