Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sandals Resort

Several friends have asked how the resort here's my review.
We went to Ocho Rios, Jamaica and stayed at the Sandals Resort.

So maybe some of my observations are "duh" to everyone else.  I was surprised in general of the Jamaican culture.  People live in shacks, all "business" have bars across the windows and there are goats roaming the sides of roads.  When we walked into the resort, I was surprised how everything is no doors or windows open.  Restaurants were on open patios and the only places with conditioning were the bedrooms.  Thankfully it wasn't too hot, or I think the weather might have put a damper on how I felt about the trip.

Our "honeymoon suite"
Our room was in the main hotel and it was the perfect choice for us.  If we were going to be by the ocean, I wanted to see it and hear it as much as possible.  The room came with a stocked mini bar/refrigerator and coffee maker.  By the way, Jamaican coffee and sugar is amazing.  If you go, bring me home some :)

view from our room

There was another section of the resort, that was up on a hill, behind our hotel.  I heard from some honeymooners staying up there that they were not thrilled with it.  Apparently they had to wait for someone to come pick them up and take them in a golf cart to any place they wanted to go besides their room.  Essentially they said they spent a lot of time waiting for other people.  I loved being able to step out of my room and eat or drink or sit by the ocean and didn't have to talk to anyone.

hubs had the beach all to himself

I loved that there were plenty of places to lounge.  We never had to fight for a spot on the beach or restaurant or water sport.

Apparently there are 100 pools on the resort, but I only saw 3.  Most were complete with fire pits, swim up bars and couches.

The resort was clean, the staff was friendly and always helpful.  My criteria for a trip was to not worry about anything; what I would wear or do or eat.  Check.  This trip met everyone one of my expectations.

We got approached by staff a lot, asking to take our pictures.  Right after we played tennis this guy was trying to get us into all these romantic poses and I just wanted to shower!  By the last day I got really tired of people trying to take my picture and just wanted to be left alone.

Since our room was right about everything, it was pretty loud a couple of nights.  Granted we were trying to sleep at 9:00 when most things are just getting started, but I went to rest and was irritated that I couldn't.  House keeping even walked into our room one night while we were sleeping to turn down our room!  So apparently if you go, don't go to bed before 11.

The food was okay, but not stellar.  I was starting to worry that we are just too snobby (we heard other raving about the food) but I just wasn't overly impressed.  Thankfully we had a lot of options and could restaurant hop.  Hubs labeled us "coodies"...foodies that cook.

I would give the resort an 8 out of 10.

I think our dream vacation would be a remote tropical place with our own private chef.  Sounds fabulous right?

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