Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pregnancy workouts

A friend recently reached out to me to ask my advice on pregnancy workouts.  First, it all depends on the pregnancy and what your body is used to doing before you got pregnant.  In my first pregnancy, I just walked when I could, but in my second, I was able to run, lift weights and kickbox until 6 months.  With #3, I was teaching at the gym but definitely could not run.  I walked when I could or did the elliptical.  My advice is to just keep moving, in whatever degree you can.  Whether it's a stroll through the neighborhood, a Pilates DVD in your living room or a light swim, just keep moving.  And most importantly, give yourself lots of grace.  There will be days when you just need to rest and that's okay.  There will be days that the only you can hold down is ice cream and that's okay.  You have you're whole life to be in shape, but only 9 months to grow a baby.

I read the most refreshing article last night about pregnancy workouts.  I was looking at Jamie Eason's workouts and found an interview with her during her pregnancy.  She is a fitness icon and I was expecting the article to be full of "I only ate carrots and lifted 50 lb weights every day", but was pleasantly surprised by her.  She said that when she had energy to workout, she would do a short and light workout.  And when she was tired, she would take a nap.  Cravings?  She gave into cravings and didn't stress about it.  She knew she had the tools to get back in shape after the baby, but for now her focus was on growing a human.  I can only imagine how hard it was for her to see her body change and be taken over by a baby, but it was refreshing for me to see her embrace the season of life she was in.  I think women often try to convince themselves that their body/pregnancy will be a certain way and think they can control it.  But you could eat celery all day long and if that baby needs more room in your bum, you will grow some more room.

Congratulations to all my baby-carrying friends!  Eat something yummy for me!

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