Monday, May 19, 2014

Just a little push

I ran with a friend today...this is the second time in the last week that I've spontaneously met someone for a run.  I do believe spontaneity is the key to friendship when you have small children.  I realized today how much I miss working out with other people.  It's been so long since I've run with someone other than Hubs and it was refreshing to my soul.  Honestly, it's been a hurdle I've had to overcome since having Charlie.  I struggled with great insecurity after he was born and even today I heard Satan whisper "you're too slow to run with her".  I refused to listen and chose to enjoy our conversation and the slight push in my normal run.  By the way, talking while running is hard.  Worth it, but hard.

We were talking about our kids and all of the end of year activities coming and how our husbands are traveling a lot for work in the next couple of months.  I said I felt like I was hiring a babysitter left and right these days and I'm starting to feel bad.  Her answer was just what I needed to hear..."I stopped feeling bad and accepted that I need help.  I just can't do everything."  Not many moms are willing to give themselves the grace to ask for help or make getting help a priority.  Is it a possibility that we are better moms when we don't try to do it all ourselves? 

Anyway, to my friends who let me crash their runs...thank you.  Thank you for your encouragement, your conversation and bottom line, your friendship.

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