Friday, May 23, 2014

Hubby Free Meals

Cooking for me and the kids while Hubs is away is always a little bit of a challenge for me.  So I decided to start documenting "hubby free meals" that are healthy, easy, kid friendly and winners.

Meal #1:  BBQ meatballs, brown rice and green beans

If you want to go really easy-peasy, buy a bag of frozen meatballs.  For the sauce use equal parts of you favorite bbq sauce (ours is Sweet Baby Ray's) and grape jelly (Welch's all natural).  Throw every thing in the crock pot and steam the rice and beans.  Viola.  Dinner.

I remember my mom making this as a kid when my dad was traveling and my kids also love it.  If I was really ambitious I might make my own meatballs and sneak some veggies in there.

Right about the time we're finishing dinner, I think this:

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