Monday, May 26, 2014

Compression Sleeves

Happy late Mother's Day to me!  Hubs was gone for Mother's Day so I asked if I could order myself a little present.  Sure, normal people would have gotten a pedicure or new earrings...but I splurged on some Pro Compression calf sleeves (I actually got a really great deal, but they're still more than any person should spend on socks).  After struggling with constant soreness, I read that these help in workout recovery and give great support on long runs.  Ironically, I have not been sore this last week, dispite the 13+ miles I ran on top of weight training.  I just said to Hubs last night, "I need to find a new challenge"...hello new challenge!  I went out for a quick 5K run this morning and quickly found that the compression sleeves made my legs work in a whole new way.  After a few minutes they were screaming "Why are you doing this to us!", followed by "We'll treat you to a big diet coke if you stop now!".   I was so very tempted by them to mosey over to Sonic instead of finishing, but I am not a quitter.  By the time I got back home, I was pretty sure I was dead.  I collapsed on the floor and Hubs said, "So good run, huh?" and assured the kids that I really was not dying.

Charlie mesmerized by the pink
Moral of the story?  Never tell your hubs you are looking for a new challenge...God is listening!  And if you see me running in these things, have pity on me and bring me a drink :)

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