Monday, April 14, 2014

Your true self

A neighbor asked me if I could get her kids to the bus stop in the morning because she had a doctor's appointment.  Sure, no big deal.  Then she said, "I'll bring them over at 7:30".  Yikes.  7:30 is the time of the morning I'm saying, "Hurry!  Eat your breakfast/get dressed/brush your teeth/for the millionth time GET SOME SHOES ON!" all while chugging some coffee and scrambling out of pj's myself.  I was convinced that I could convince my neighbor that mornings really were calm and collected in our house.  I got up extra, extra early and had my coffee and got breakfast ready in a very calm matter.  I decided that I would be extra cool and sneak in a shower (which never happens, but by George I was going to be clean when she showed up!).  I was stepping out of the shower when the doorbell rang.  She was 15 minutes early!  I scrambled back into my pj's and tried to sleek down my crazy hair and ran to the door.  My kids came stumbling to the door still in their pj's to sleepily greet their friends.  Oh, it was the complete opposite of what I was trying to accomplish!  That afternoon I apologized for being so disheveled when she came over.  She said, "It's okay, I was a little early.  But we're military."  Um, we're military too...
The next day the rental company called to say they would be coming over to inspect our house.  This, by the way, is a homemakers nightmare.  Add on 2 toddlers who just wanted to play trains and not clean up and I almost lost it.  I cleaned all morning, but felt like nothing was actually getting clean.  Time was ticking away and I finally succombed to clorox wipes...then she pulled in the driveway, 15 minutes early!  Bubby's room was still so disastrous that you couldn't even step a foot in it!  There were so many train tracks out that there was no way I could quickly throw them all in the closet, so I just had to take a deep breath and open my front door to a not perfect house.  Turns out she was just looking for mold and shingle damage...

I realized that day that if you want to see someone's true self, just show up to their house 15 minutes before your supposed to be there.  I so badly wanted my true self to be on top of it and have things done early so I could be relaxing with my boys instead of frantically running around, shouting at them.

After that inspection, another neighbor stopped by.  She sat in our living room, looked around and said, "Your house is annoyingly clean".  It still makes me chuckle that she said that.  Maybe my true self, the not-on-top-of-it self, would have blessed her more than the self I was trying to portray.  Don't we all want to see that others are just like us?  They have mornings when they're running late or days when their kids don't cooperate. 

I guess my true self is always running late, never on top of it and more disorganized than I ever want to admit.  I'm accepting it and sharing it...

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  1. I LOVED this post. I also LOVE your true self <3