Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Such sweet news

The sweetest news came this afternoon.  A long awaited baby arrived to my sweet friend. 
A baby we prayed and prayed and prayed for.  A girl after 2 boys!  Then, the toughest test to patience...12 days overdue!  But she's here and my heart is overflowing.  I love seeing God's work.

Other sweet news:
  Online coupons + Cartwheel app + Target red card= I saved $50 at Target this morning! 
  Extra bonus= shopkicks app.  Every time you walk in, you get points to earn a gift card.  If you scan certain items you can earn even more points.  I rarely scan because I already have too much to juggle while I'm in there.

Just for fun, this is my last pregnant picture...ever.  Just days before #3 was born, with my sister who saved us.  literally.  Charlie was 12 days early and I cannot imagine being pregnant for another month past this!

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