Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pull Ups 101


As soon as Hubs started working towards joining the Navy, he bought a pull up bar for our house.  I watched him built strength, to the point where he does 100's of pull ups and push ups in a day.  I'm sure most military spouses can relate to PT readiness process.

Now that I'm done teaching, I've gotten a lot of "so what are you doing now?" questions.  My biggest concern in no longer teaching a weight lifting class twice a week was that I would loose all my strength.  So I decided to dedicate my new time to pull up conditioning.

Hubs and searched the web for women's pull up training and didn't find much.  So I decided to document my own path to doing a pull up.  Hopefully it will keep me motivated and accountable and maybe encourage another woman to join me :)

The very beginning of my journey started with weight machines at the gym.  I usually do a weight session once a week and a pull up day at home.

Step 1:
Rep of 8 assisted pull-ups (30 lbs...4% help)

Step 2:
Rep of 8 lateral pull down machine (70 lbs)

Step 3:
Flexed arm hang.  
Hold pull up for 45 seconds and slowly come down

Step 4:
Hang the pull up bar in a "high traffic" doorway.  
Every time I pass through the doorway, I jump up, stay in a flexed arm hang, do 5 knee ups and slowly lower myself down (aka "negatives" + leg lifts)
Starting position
Flexed arm hang

Knee ups
By the way, the knees up is a great lower ab exercise...just an added bonus.  This week I had a day where I was doing a lot of laundry, so I hung the bar going into our laundry room.  I could tell a big difference in those little reps!  The next day we were doing push ups and they seemed a lot easier than normal!

Not sure what my next steps will be.  I would say that I can currently do a "jump up" and a chin up but not a real pull up.  I've heard that very first one is the hardest, but once you get it under your belt, the rest come easier.  I guess we'll just have to see :) 

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  1. Dang, you have great form! I never did master those, I tip my hat to you.