Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Family history

Hub's grandparents came to visit us last weekend.  It was so fun having them here and I learned a lot over the course of their trip.  They both worked in the medical field and had so many great stories to share.  Random fact I learned: buy organic apples!  Pesticides soak through the skin.

While they were here, we toured several museums and it brought up many history conversations.  One night at dinner, Papa said that one of his greatest regrets is that he didn't journal more through life.  They encouraged us to write down little things in our normal life, everyday.  Some day, our kids and grandkids, will think our normal life is fascinating.  Like, 'Can you believe Grandma had a blog!'

I was thinking back to how much has changed since Hubs and I got married.  I never would have imagined I'd be there person I am and wine drinker, runner, diligent floor cleaner.  Anyway, it inspired me to document the mundane and maybe let myself realize that my simple life can be fascinating.

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