Monday, April 7, 2014

Accidental Green Smoothies

After years of debating, Hubs and I finally joined a wholesale club.  Our family has finally come to the point where it makes sense to buy our staple things in bulk.  Actually, I should say that our family has finally come to the point where we go through a bulk item in a week, instead of several months.  The day we joined I had just a few items on my grocery list so I decided to pick them up while we were there.

Big lesson learned...our family does not need bulk produce!  I don't know what I was thinking!  All that to say, after many salads and kale chips, I still had an over abundance of spinach, kale and cucumber (I still have crazy amounts of green onions I have no idea what to do with).

I didn't want to waste all of our food, so I decided it was time to start experimenting with green smoothies.  I'm not a huge fan of green smoothies so I was determined to find a combination that I could actually drink.  First try tasted like I was drinking a salad.  No thank you.  But instead of tossing it, I threw it into ice cube trays and used that as my ice in the next attempt.  I'm happy to say that I finally found a winner!  Which is lucky because my not-so-expensive-large-quantity-produce purchase lasted me a week of salads, kale chips, smoothies and 30 ready-to-make smoothies in my freezer!

Here's my recipe:

Blueberry Pomegranate juice (a really good antioxidant)-1/2 cup
Spinach- small bunch
Cucumber- 3 slices
Strawberries-4 whole
lemon-1/2 squeezed
Plain Greek Yogurt- couple of spoon fulls

I was reading a blog with several different smoothie ideas and the writer was talking about how amazing she felt when she drank green smoothies.  I'm not one to jump on food bandwagons, but I have to say that I found myself agreeing with the writer.  I quickly found that days I had a green smoothie after a workout, I had much more energy and just generally felt really good.  If you would like to try one, stop on by, I have plenty to spare!


  1. This is a great idea! I've seen other bloggers do the pre-made smoothie packs, but not with greens. Did you blanch the kale first?

  2. I didn't blanch the kale...are you supposed to?