Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Things I learned today

* This is the worst. winter. ever.

* Thomas the Train is on at 2 am

* Tummy issues in kids can be a symptom of strep

* Target is not the place to get prescriptions filled.  Prices are higher and I spent even more on treats for us while we waited

* Charlie is a sprinter and cannot be trusted out of the shopping cart.

* The outfits I've had stored in our van for forever actually came in handy today...sometimes I do  have smart moments

* Tahini is impossible to find in the grocery store...thank you Amazon for saving my sweet potato hummus plan

* Tumeric + white table = disaster

*Large jars of natural peanut butter are a terrible idea.  I do not have an hour to mix peanut butter! 

* I often forget that Hubs has hard days too.  Sometimes a listening ear is really good medicine.

* Apparently I don't look like I should have kids, according to a random woman in Target.  Then she asked if both boys were mine...I strangely get asked this a lot.  And I heard for the millionth time today "you have your hands full" when I only had 2 of my 3 kids.  What comment do women of only 1 kid hear?  What if their 1 kid really is a handful?  Do people point that out?

* I've always wondered how one becomes a "lifestyle expert" or "organization expert".  Seems like it's just a self proclaimed title.  Makes me want to make up my own title...I'm too tired to think of something witty...


  1. That's so weird you'd get asked if both boys are yours. While they aren't dead ringers for you, they do look a bit like you and of course have your lovely hair. People are strange. Sorry this is a tough week :( Tummy issues were the bane of my mothering life when mine were little. I didn't/don't handle that well at all.

  2. People with 1 kid get asked, "Is this your only one?", followed by a glare that indicates you're not really a parent. Trust me on that.

    FYI, I've found Tahini at Farm Fresh in the natural foods section.

    Hope everyone's better soon!